10 Feb. 15

When To Call A Professional Plumber

plumberAfter purchasing your home and settling in with your family, the last thing you probably want to hear is that something has broken and needs to be repaired. Sadly, this is something that will eventually take place and must be addressed.

When the time comes the decision will need to be made as to whether you can fix the problem for yourself or call in a professional. There are many problems in the home where the resident has the expertise of handling it. Unfortunately, when it comes to plumbing, some situations require a lot more than pouring a bottle of drain cleaner down your drains.

More Than Just A Clog

When you hear the water in your toilet escaping because the flap is stuck, it is possible to jiggle the handle and all will be well again. On the other hand, if the toilet bowl suddenly begins to overflow and the line needs to be cleared, this is not a plumbing task you should handle on your own. When it comes to clogs more often than not a professional will need to be called in especially when specific tools are required. This will be one of those projects that can quickly turn into a costly repair.

Some Like It Hot

Unless you live in the south, the residents in your household will demand hot water for daily use. With a few different pieces of equipment to choose from, when it comes to your hot water, this can be a challenge.

When the hot-water refuses to flow to the faucet and the only thing being delivered is cold water, the first reaction will be to check the valve to ensure functionality. If the thought of taking ice-cold showers more than once seems unappealing, then a professional should be called in immediately.

Keeping A Tight Fist

One of the main reasons why a resident might be tempted to do things for themselves is due to the cost. They may witness a leak of some sort and try to reduce the costs associated with a visit from the plumber by covering it up with some duct tape. This is a temporary fix, and the pressure of the water will eventually break through with a great deal of force. What may have been an easy fix from a hairline fracture could turn into an unwanted emergency, and that is not even including the higher cost of the after hours visit from your plumber.

Making Changes

The primary goal for any plumber is to ensure that clean water runs freely into your home and waste-water has the opportunity to leave. This requires a great deal of care and knowledge about the infrastructure. It is for this reason that renovations should include the guidance of a professional plumber, especially if you expect the integrity of your plumbing to remain intact. Plumbers are not in a position to remain on your premises 24/7, however, in most cases they are just a phone call away.