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Woodbridge Plumbing, Inc. has been in business since Tom and Anne Kreutzer started it in 1973 in the basement of a house on Occoquan Road with just one plumber…Tom. After three years Tom hired his first employee, David McCullen, who stayed with him until Tom and Anne sold the business in October, 2006. As the business grew, it moved first to a rented space at Canfield Industrial Park for nine years, and then to the current office and warehouse in Telegraph Road Business Park in January, 1987, across Telegraph Road from the back of Target.

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Company Mission

Willie Johnson (President)

We strongly believe that customer satisfaction is paramount. We definitely need the customer more than the customer needs us. We are proud to say that word of mouth advertising has been and continues to be our greatest source of new customers.

In addition to being excellent technicians, our servicemen are polite, clean, well-spoken and mannerly. They are willing to take the time to explain the problem to the customer, and to answer all the questions a customer may have.

Our servicemen would never oversell a customer, nor would they ever pressure a customer to buy something unnecessary. Our servicemen are not paid by the job or for how much material they sell, so there is no incentive for them to sell the customer something unneeded.

Our office staff spends time on the phone giving out advice. The result of these efforts is a long list of loyal customers, many of whom date back to the time when Tom worked out of the trunk of his Dodge Dart in those early days.


Tommy Wood (CEO)

Quality workmanship is good for both business and employee. Tradesmen derive great satisfaction from a neat, well-crafted job. Compliments from inspectors, homeowners, and contractors redouble this satisfaction and reinforce pride in craftsmanship. Chief plumbing inspectors have shown our work to other plumbers as an example of how they would like jobs done. An inspector had told us that he can tell instantly whether piping on a job has been done by us or by one of the other plumbing companies.

Once pride in workmanship is established, its momentum is so strong that it maintains itself with only a pat on the back or an occasional nudge. Although plumbing is not currently recognized as an art form, we feel our men – with beautiful solder joints and straight piping – are the Rembrandts of the plumbing industry, but maybe we are just a little biased!

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