Plumbing Repairs

Woodbridge Plumbing has been in business since 1973


Let us take care of your plumbing repairs in your absence.

Restaurant Managers

Let us be your repair specialist! We can jet your drains, and our experienced technicians can repair your T & S faucets, spray hoses, and all commercial plumbing fixtures.

Store Managers

Let our state-certified technicians perform your yearly backflow inspections and certifications. We also repair and install backflow prevention control devices.


Let us do the plumbing and gas fitting – we give free estimates.


We furnish and install, as well as repair:

Woodbridge Plumbing, Inc. can also camera and jet your drain lines, install and test your backflow prevention devices, and snake stopped up drains: main, laundry, floor, kitchen, tub, lavy, toilet and shower.


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