03 Apr. 21

Toilet Cleaning Tablets May Cause Plumbing Damage

Toilet Cleaning Tablets May Cause Plumbing Damage

Cleaning toilets can be a pretty tough job especially with how toilets accumulate dirt fast. And like any other typical homeowners, you would like to make the task done easily — and this is where you start using toilet cleaning tablets. Toilet cleaning tablets are mostly sold in the forms of bleach, chlorine, and blue cleaning pieces. It promises a simple solution to make your dirty toilet sparkling white.
Plumbing Problems Caused by Toilet Cleaning Tablets
Before you drop into the toilet that little, white solution; it is best to change into a different cleaning method because toilet cleaning tablets may cause more harm to your plumbing system and cleaning it. Read below and learn how toilet cleaning tablets may cause you plumbing damage.


The chemicals that make up the cleaning tablets can eat away the plastic and rubber parts of the toilet such as the flush valve. When flush valves start to corrode, water will never stop running in the toilet which may result in pipe damage and higher water bills. Aside from the flush valve, your bolts can also get a toll from the harmful chemicals of the toilet cleaning tablet. Rust may form on the bolts of the tank. When this happens, leakage may occur requiring costly repair.

Your toilet pipes are not an exemption to that havoc that toilet cleaning tablets bring. Everything that you poor into your toilet will reach the pipes when you flush the toilet. Older pipes or those pipes made of materials that are susceptible to rust will corrode over time; causing more serious plumbing problems.


If you think corrosion is the worst issue you can encounter with using toilet cleaning tablets, then you are wrong. Most bleach cleaning tablets take time before they completely dissolve, especially the cheaper options. And before it fully dissolves, they can get flushed into the toilet first. Unfortunately, oftentimes, it won’t get flushed thoroughly and causes blockage and irregular flushes.

Nullifying toilet warranty

Toilets typically come with a warranty with the length depending on the manufacturer. However, the warranty only covers any manufacturing issues. Toilet problems caused by a cleaning tablet are not included in the coverage; it may even void your toilet warranty.

Apart from all the issues toilet cleaning tablets can cause your toilet and pipes, it can also put your family’s health in harm. Toilet cleaning tablets contain harmful chemicals such as sulfates, sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite which can trigger asthma attacks when inhaled. They can also cause irritation when they come in contact with the skin. Worse, it can lead to poisoning when ingested.

How to fix toilet problems caused by cleaning tablets?

You can no longer undo what you have dropped into your toilet. If you are noticing signs of corrosion or blockage due to toilet cleaning tablets, contact a licensed plumbing contractor in your area for a fast solution. Do not attempt to fix your toilet issues with some DIY skills as you may end up causing more serious and costly damage.