02 Mar. 16

Plumbing Problems That Can Arise But That You’re Unaware Of

One of the most crucial aspects of owning a home is maintaining your plumbing to prevent water damage. Water damage has the ability to tear through ceiling and damage the floors underneath. However, leaks are just one common problem you may experience. There are many different types of plumbing problems that can arise, even if you aren’t initially aware of them.

Overflowing Sewage

Overflowing sewage is a common problem that you may face during the time you live in your home. Generally, an overflowing sewage tank can be caused by the inflow of excessive storm water, electrical or mechanical failure, an error of an operator at the local treatment plant facility, or a blockage in the sewer lines. If you’re lucky, the problem will be a clogged pipe; however, a clog can also be difficult to fix at times. If you notice your toilets having difficulty flushing or refilling, you may need professional assistance.

Frozen or Burst Pipes

During times of extreme drops in temperature, you may find yourself dealing with frozen or burst pipes. If your pipes are frozen, all you can do is wait out the climate change. However, to keep the frozen pipes from bursting, there are a few things you can try, such as insulating the water tanks and pipes, or replacing the washer on the dripping taps. Make sure you know where the stop tap is in your home, in case you need to shut it off in a plumbing or weather emergency. Additionally, if your local news station indicates that your city has a low temperature warning, take the proper action to prevent damages early.

Minor Leaks

You may not think a minor leak is something that can impact your home, but a minor leak can progress into a much worse situation, if it is not remedied quickly. The biggest indicator of a leak or a plumbing issue is your water bill. A water leak for your toilet or sink will result in an unending running of water, even after flushing. Keeping an eye on your water bill will indicate if you are using more water from the excessive leak, allowing you to either contact your local plumber, or to speak with your realty office to have your home serviced. A minor leak affects much more than your water bill; a minor leak has the potential to worsen and worsen before eventually damaging the structure of the house around it.

Call A Plumber

While your knowledge may be limited as you try to fix your pipes, you will benefit from calling a plumber to handle the dirty work. With extensive training on a variety of plumbing issues, he will be able to get to the root cause of the problem and devise a way to solve it for future use. Unless you have professional training, do not try and fix the problem on your own. A professional has resources and tools that are not typically sold, so allow him to fix the problem so you can go on with your daily routine.