Does your toilet always seem to get clogged, leak, flush weakly, or need repairs? Problems with your toilet can be a big inconvenience on you, your family, and guests. Let Woodbridge Plumbing get your toilet functioning properly today by getting service from one of our professional plumbers.

Toilet Repair Services

At Woodbridge Plumbing, we have come across nearly every issue with toilets imaginable. That means when you call us, you can be confident that your problem will be fixed correctly, the first time. We can fix:

Toilet Clogs: Have you ever been in the uncomfortable position of flushing a toilet, only to have the water keep rising and eventually spill outside of the toilet bowl? You’re not alone. If this is a constant issue with your toilet, there could be something obstructing the flow of water through the drainpipe, or a problem down in the sewer line. At Woodbridge Plumbing, we are the best in the business when it comes to clearing clogged toilets.

Running toilet: When you flush your toilet and can hear the water running for a long time afterwards, it most likely means that your toilet is leaking. Water is being dumped in your overflow tube, and wasting gallons of water every day! This could be caused by a corroded/damaged pipe, an issue with your flush valve assembly, or a damaged flapper valve. Stop dealing with that irritating sound of a leaky toilet, and save money on wasted water by calling Woodbridge Plumbing.

Toilet replacement and installation: Did you know your toilet could be costing you hundreds of dollars every year on wasted water? Older toilets (made before 1994) used more than twice as much gallons per flush as newer low-flow toilets. If you’re worried about flushing power, most newer toilets have the same flushing power, if not more, than older models that used more gallons per flush. It’s time to update your old, dated toilet to a newer one that is more efficient and saves you money.

Whether you need toilet repair, replacement, or installation, call Woodbridge Plumbing at 703-494-9666 and stop relying on a plunger every time you flush the toilet!

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