City water lines carry clean water to residential and commercial properties in Northern Virginia. Backflow is the flow of the dirty/contaminated water out of commercial and residential properties. Backflow prevention is important because dirty water is filled with chemicals, feces, and other hazardous substances that are dangerous to your health. Backflow happens at cross-connections between potable (safe to drink) and non-potable water in residential and commercial water systems.

Most cities in Northern Virginia require a backflow prevention device to be installed at the cross-connection point in residential and commercial plumbing systems.There are different types of backflow prevention devices that we can install, depending on the type of waste flowing from the property and plumbing system.

Backflow Prevention Devices

Backflow prevention devices are made of a pair of check valves that stop dirty water from moving back into the supply of clean water if there’s ever a big change in water pressure. Backflow prevention devices have to be installed by professionals to keep the water coming through your faucets clean, safe, and contamination free.

Annual Backflow Testing

You need to have your backflow valves inspected yearly to make sure that they’re operating correctly and are up to code. Failing to get backflow testing done can result in fines from the city, and even more importantly, contamination of your clean water. With our backflow testing service, you can be assured that everything is up to code and your water supply isn’t being compromised.

At Woodbridge Plumbing, we offer backflow repair, testing, and installation for our customers throughout the entire Northern Virginia area. We provide you with the paperwork you need for proof of your backflow inspection, as well as give you a friendly reminder when your annual inspection date is coming up.

Call us at 703-494-9666 for service. Our backflow experts will make sure you have clean uncontaminated water for your home or commercial property throughout the entire year.

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