20 Mar. 15

Common Plumbing Problems

Most plumbing problems that occur in homes can be easily fixed. The biggest benefit, however, is that the repair costs are very reasonable.

Reduced Water Pressure

Low water pressure usually occurs in the sink. To solve this problem, you must inspect the hot and cold water tap. If both taps have low pressure, the aerator is reducing the water flow. The pressure decreases because calcium deposits slowly collect in the aerator over time. To clean the aerator, you must use the proper tools to remove it. After the debris is wiped away, the water will flow efficiently again.

Sink Draining Slowly

A sink typically drains slowly when debris and hair builds up under the pop-up device. There are many compact plumbing tools that can easily pull hair from under the pop-up. However, if you cannot afford a plumbing tool, just remove the pop-up and clean it. Usually, a nut is used to hold the pop-up in place. It can be unscrewed with pliers or by hand.

Tub Draining Slowly

In tubs, hair often slows down the water when it moves down the drain. For this project, you can use a specialized plumbing tool or pliers to grab the hair and debris. If you have an old tub stopper, it must be cleaned regularly. If hair collects under the stopper for several months, a huge chunk of debris may completely clog the drain.

Running Toilet

To repair a running toilet, you must first determine the cause of the problem. After you understand which component is faulty, you can decide if you need to repair or replacement it.

Leaky Faucet

A leaky faucet must be repaired quickly because the leak will waste many gallons of water each year. When water accesses a home, it is under constant pressure while it travels through the pipes. Faucet manufacturers place rubber washers in the taps to control the water when it flows out of a faucet. However, the washers can become dislodged, torn, or stiff over time. Once the washers are defected, water will trickle out of the faucet. This repair project can be tackled without hiring a professional if you have access to the proper tools.

Leaky Pipe

Pipe leaks typically occur along the joints. To stop a minor leak, find the main water valve and shut it off. If a specific fixture or appliance is leaking, simply shut off the valve for that particular device. This procedure will let water flow to other areas of the home while you tackle the repairs.


To prevent future leaks, invest in a flow sensor. After you install this device, it will detect any leaks and will shut off the water automatically.

During the winter, many serious piping problems occur when the temperature drops. By insulating the plumbing in the basement and garage, the pipes will not freeze and burst.

Whenever you notice any kind of leak, you must tackle the repairs immediately. If you don’t fix the leak, you will have to deal with major water damage and mold.