14 Jun. 18

Hidden Plumbing Leak Indications

Plumbing leaks can be incredibly damaging, to say the least. If your plumbing system is causing a leak of any kind, you need to address the matter immediately, period. Hidden leaks can lead to all sorts of unpleasant and lasting circumstances. They can bring on significant water damage  and discoloration all throughout your property. They can bring on the development of toxic mold that can interfere with breathing and general health. They can drive up your monthly water bills in a considerable way, too. If you want to avoid all of the pitfalls that are associated with hidden slab leaks on your property, you need to know their signs. Remember, plumbing system leaks can emerge in all kinds of places. They’re often spotted in the backs of walls, below cabinets, below floorboards and even inside of ceilings.

Broken Pipe

The Presence of Nasty Mildew or Mold

Mold is a substance that’s attracted to locations that are moist and devoid of a lot of light. If you notice the emergence of mold or mildew in nooks or crannies, then a leak could be the cause. Look for mold or mildew below cabinets as well. That kind of development often signifies leaks.

Ceiling Drooping

Assess the ceilings on your property in meticulous detail. Focus particularly on ceilings that are underneath the bathroom on the second floor of your property. Do you see any sagging? Do you see any staining? Those things tend to signify water leakage. Refrain from limiting your search to sections that are below bathrooms as well. Water has the ability to access remote settings in homes. If there are stains on your ceiling that are the result of a hidden plumbing leak, they probably are yellowish or brownish in coloration.

Floor and Wall Problems

Look at the floors and walls all throughout your residential property. Do you see paint that’s peeling or blistering in any way? Do you see conspicuous staining on your floors? These things can all potentially mean that you have a hidden plumbing leak on your hands. A pipe that’s close could be to blame. A range of other causes could be to blame as well.

Odd Odors

Have you been bothered by an odor that’s rather musty and stale? If you have, it could be related to a plumbing leak that’s highly concealed. These smells are in many cases the consequence of non stop water leaks that don’t get the opportunity to dry completely.

A Water Bill That Keeps Getting Higher

Don’t disregard monthly water bills that continue to get higher as time goes on. If you get water bills in the mail that are disturbingly costly, it may be time to assess your property for a possible hidden plumbing leak. It can help greatly to recruit a local plumbing company that offers in-depth leak detection assistance. If you find out about a plumbing leak in its early stages, that can reduce the risks of all sorts of headaches. Early action is key.