10 May. 21

Faucet Repair And Installation

Your bathroom and your kitchen are two of the most important areas inside your home that use water on a daily basis. Faucets are an important plumbing fixture and because they are used all the time. They certainly take a beating after a lot of use and can lose their function. 

A damaged faucet can cause a lot of inconveniences. Faucet repair and installation when necessary is not something you should take for granted. Before you consider replacing your faucet, here are some signs that you should look out for which includes:

  • Faulty or outdated parts

 If your home is old, the installed faucet might be outdated or faulty already. Through time, faucets are bound to get worn down. Sometimes, renovating your home doesn’t mean the faucets are also replaced because they are the most overlooked issues due to budget constraints

  • Foul smelling water

Pipes will get rust over the years. If you notice that your tap water has a rusty smell and taste, it’s most likely that your pipes are rusty. The change in water is unsafe because the rusty materials can infiltrate the water making it dirty.

  • Leaks and molds

These are two different issues but when there is a leak somewhere in your faucet that you don’t know about, it will promote mold growth. Dripping water from leaks can go on for days or weeks causing a lot of water wastage which can also lead to higher water bills. To prevent it from happening, you may need to call for a faucet repair and installation. 

  • Low water

Sometimes, even if you turn on your tap, it doesn’t let out enough water. If this happens, the valve is the main culprit. Hard water can cause taps to corrode. There is only a small amount of water coming out because the corrosion shrinks the pope diameter. 

  • When the faucet doesn’t close or open

When you turn off the faucet and it still pours water, it means that your faucet could old and probably needs replaced. If you don’t do anything, you can waste a lot of water which will also equate to expensive water bills.

Get a new faucet for your home

While there might be times when a repair is enough to address the problems, sometimes it’s all better to replace faucets in your home to ensure that everything inside your home is running smoothly. You’ll be surprised how amazing it can be if you just upgrade your faucets. For more information on faucets repairs and installation, contact us at Woodbridge Plumbing.