16 Sep. 14

Early precaution for frozen Pipes

thWith the winter months approaching it is a good idea to check the shut off valves for your outside spigots , simply turn the valves to the off position, go outside and turn on the spigot to assure that water has stopped coming out of the spigot and that the shut off valve works. Since it is not cold enough to shut them down for the winter months , go ahead and turn them back on and use till cold weather is among us. Remember when you turn the shut off valves back on to check for any leaks around the valve !! By performing this task you will accomplish two things . One that the shut off valves indeed are still in working order and if not enough time to call Woodbridge Plumbing Inc. to make repairs before the cold season and unnecessary damage to your home occurs.

Tommy Wood
Woodbridge Plumbing Inc.