05 May. 20

Don’t Ignore These Signs of Water Heater Failure

A water tank heater can last for 8 up to 12 years depending on the materials used in the unit, its installation location, the quality of the water, and the maintenance schedule. However, there are instances when you will need to have your water heater checked by a professional, especially when you notice the following signs.

Rusty or murky water
If you notice that your water is discolored or having a rusty color, then more often it is caused by a rust buildup inside your water heater tank. Over time, the water in your tank will wear out its metal and can start to rust. The rust may flake off and discolor the water. Another possible reason for murky water is the buildup of mineral sediment in the tank. Either way, this may lead to leaking, if not addressed right away.

Strange noise from the heater
A working water heater is normally quiet. However, if you are starting to hear rumbling noise inside it when the heater is on, then you might like to check the tank if there are sediments situated at the bottom. These could be the cause of popping and gurgling noise. The buildup of sediments can happen as your water heater tank ages. When these sediments harden, the efficiency of your water heater will be compromised and its lifespan decreases.

Inadequate hot water
Is it taking a long time before the water gets hot? Is it not giving you the desired water temperature? And is the hot water not enough to last you a whole bathing experience? If yes, then it could be a sign of water heater failure. Typically, a water heater tank can store from 30 to 50 gallons of water. Issues such as hardening of sediments inside the tank and leakage will compromise the efficiency of the heater to heat enough water. If left unfixed, it may lead to the failure of the whole water heater.

Moisture or water leaking the tank
Another common sign that you should not ignore is the buildup of moisture or water pooling around the tank. The rusting inside the tank can cause cracks in the unit; this can lead to leakage if not fixed immediately. Leakage can lead to more serious problems such as failure to heat enough water or, worse, flooding your entire place.

Regular maintenance on your water heater tank can help prevent these symptoms from happening and increase the lifespan of your water heater unit too. If you are experiencing any of the signs mentioned above, don’t ignore it and contact your trusted plumbing company right away. Dealing with water heater issues as early as possible will help you salvage your water heater tank and prevent more serious and costly repairs.