20 Apr. 15

Five Reasons Why DIY Isn’t a Good Idea

Carpenters and homes service people are professionally trained people that have many years of experience in doing their types of jobs. The proliferation of do-it-yourself shows are entire channels devoted to the subject who have made many of these tasks look simple. This is compounded by the time compressed shows that make these jobs look not only easy but also quick. However, there are five reasons to not do DIY projects.

1. Amateurs 

Electricians and plumbers are licensed professionals in every state. This is because doing these jobs improperly can cause death and severe property damage. A small thing like changing an outlet can be deadly. They could also cause hazards like fires that can be damaging to property and life. If a plumber’s jobs is done incorrectly, deadly fumes can escape in to the living space or flood a home and damage it beyond repair. Water can be just as dangerous as fires in both cases.

2. Property Damage

Improperly wired devices and appliances can cause fires and electrocutions. Incorrect plumbing can cause small undetectable leaks that can cause mold to proliferate in a space. Many fires begin because of these particular situations. Water causes great damage even beyond mold problems.

3. Voiding Insurance and Home Warranties

If a licensed professional does not perform some tasks, it could void insurance and warranties. If an accident occurs due to an improper repair, insurance will not cover the damages or any related expenses. Insurance companies perform extensive investigations into major damage. The homeowner will be liable if it is found that an unlicensed person perform the tasks. The same is true for home warranties. This is compounded by the fact that some inspectors can stop projects or even condemn issues that are not done correctly.

4. Added Costs

Professional’s proficiency make jobs seem simple and easy, but this is because of their advanced experience in their jobs. Many people will attempt to save money on prior jobs because of this. However, professionals will still have to be employed when these jobs become a problem. The professional will then have to repair the mistakes and still provide a complete job. This adds much more expense to jobs. Additionally, the professional has the experience to apply the right supplies and the correct knowledge to perform a good and in an expedient manner. People that do it themselves will extend the length of time it takes to complete a job exponentially.
5. Tools of the Trade.
Professionals have the requisite tools and the knowledge to utilize the tools properly. Time and expense is consumed when a person must first research the necessary tools and then also have to acquire and learn to use the tools properly. Professionals know the proper tools versus the tools that home improvement centers design to specifically sell to do-it-yourselfers exclusively. These tools rarely are as effective as professional tools nor do they complete jobs to professional standards.