25 Feb. 19

Common Items That Should Never Go Down The Drain

what not to throw into your plumbingAll of the drains need to be in good working order in your home. When the plumbing gets backed up, it can cause all sorts of problems including excess water and backed up toilets. It’s best to prevent such issues in the first place. One way to make sure your plumbing is always in the best shape is by making sure that certain items are never put down the drain. While you might have heard they might be safe, it’s best to keep them far away from your plumbing.

Kitty Litter
If you love cats, you’re not alone. About one in three Americans have at least one cat. Cats are lovely animals that make great companion animals. Unlike dogs, they do not need to be walked each day. Homeowners can choose to provide the cat with a litter box. Do not put used litter down the plumbing. Instead, gather it up and place in plastic bags to be collected with the rest of your garbage.

Coffee Grounds
After you’re done drinking your favorite cup of joe, you might be tempted to put the remains down the drain. This is not a good idea. The coffee particles are not finely ground enough. They can easily clog your sink. Put the used coffee grounds in a bag.

Eggs are a kitchen staple everyone loves. They’re also something you don’t need in your household plumbing. When you’re done baking that cake, make sure the eggshells are set aside and not mixed in any water you’re putting down the drain.

Fats, Oils and Grease
These are cooking essentials that people use every single day in many kitchens. However, they’re not good to use in your plumbing. After you are done flying up those fries and the fried chicken, you’ll want to blot up the excess fats and oils with paper towels. Throw the paper towels out. Any remaining oils should be stored again or placed in the trash. Putting them down the drain will only create large blobs that can impede the flow of water, trap other materials and coat the pipes with unwanted sticky oils. Be very careful when handling all oils. Even a few drops can create all sorts of problems.

Paper Towels
Paper towels are an extremely useful tool in any home. They are biodegradable over time. However, this process of degrading can take lots of time. In the meantime, you need to keep them away from your pipes.

Household Paints
Painting can brighten up your existing spaces and make them look new again. When you’re done painting, you might be tempted to pour the results down the drain. This is the wrong thing to do. The paint can discolor your sinks and be very hard to remove. Many municipalities do not allow people to drain paint in their sinks. Contact your local authorities to find out how to dispose of it properly legally.