31 Aug. 20

Bathroom Bathtub and Shower Plumbing Problems

Bathtub and shower plumbing problems can be very costly to fix especially if the problem is left unattended for a long period of time. Avoid this from happening, it is important to apply preventative measures. Here are the common issues you may encounter with your bathtub and shower plumbing system:

  • Leaky pipes

One mistake that homeowners make when they encounter a leaky pipe is by ignoring it on the initial days. But little did you know that it causes bigger problems than you could think of. It can also increase the chance of mildew and molds growth; which can be really unsightly and can give rise to more serious problems in the area. Replacing a leaky pipe is a complex job to do so it’s better to call a professional plumber to handle the task for you. 

  • Slow-moving drain

Fragments of soap, hairs, and other small debris can accumulate and hinders the flow of water out of the drain. When you notice that your bathtub or shower drains slowly, deal with it right away to prevent your drain from being completely clogged. Remove the debris that has lodged in the drain. If there are soaps, shampoos or conditioners that have solidified and coated the insides of the drain, unclog it by pouring a hot water into the solidified coating to melt it. 

  • Dripping faucet

That tick tock sound of a dripping faucet is not only annoying to hear, but it will also increase your water bill. This happens when the washer that seals the flow of water as your turn off the faucet gets damaged or worn out. This is another issue that looks simple yet very complicated to fix. You may be tempted to repair the dripping faucet with your DIY skills, but it could also potentially result in more serious plumbing issues. Calling a professional plumber to fix the problem is the best option for this. 

  • Clogged drains

A clogged drain is a result if you choose to ignore a slow drain. After some time, if the debris accumulated in the drain has increased, it could stop the water from moving into the drain. You can use a plunger to unclog the drain or call a professional if the problem persists. 

  • Low water pressure

There is nothing more frustrating than a shower with no water coming out or it has a weak water pressure and you are in a rush. While it could be because of the municipal water supply; it can also be caused by sediments or minerals deposited in the faucet aerator. If the municipal water supply is doing good, then try cleaning the shower heads and see if it solves the problem. If not, call a professional plumber to inspect your faucet aerator or cartridge.