18 Jan. 19

5 Popular Plumbing Myths Busted

Plumbing is an everyday part of life for people in developed countries like the United States, but there is still a lot of misinformation out there that people take as fact on a regular basis. To keep your plumbing in the best shape, you need to know the basics of how things work, and more importantly, which are myths and which are facts when it comes to plumbing in your home. Get the facts about this important system in your home, because even the smallest mistake could be very costly.

Myth: Lightning doesn’t actually travel through pipes.

Fact: Although it is rare, lightning can get into and travel through your pipes and into your home. Between the metal from the pipes and the water, conductivity is at its best. In most cases, this could happen without incident and no one would know. However, if you are washing dishes or taking a shower during a lightning storm, you put yourself at risk of electrical shock. It’s probably best to skip the risk and wait out the storm before you use the water in your home.


Myth: Ice cubes will help sharpen the blades in your garbage disposal.

Fact: People have been using ice cubes in the garbage disposal for decades. Along with baking soda and/or lemon juice, it’s touted as a home remedy for sharpening blades and getting rid of odors. The reality is that while the ice does help clean the blades, its hard surface actually dulls the blades in your garbage disposal. Keep the ice out of the disposal, and if your blades get dull simply have them replaced. A professional plumber with experience in disposals can assist with this task.


Myth: Drips and leaky faucets aren’t a big deal.

Fact: A slow leaking faucet can waste a lot of water (and money). Assuming a rate of 60 drips every minute, a slow leak can result in 2,000 gallons of water wasted over the course of a year. Running leaks, no matter how weak the stream, are even worse. If you multiply that by the going rate for water service in most cities, the cost could be astronomical, comparatively.


Myth: Flushable cat litter is safe.

Fact: While the litter might not present an issue for most people, it can still get stuck in slow or low-flowing drainage systems. What’s more is that cat feces actually contain parasites that are harmful to humans. While the water will go through treatment that will kill the parasites, it is best not to take the risk and throw it in the trash.


Myth: Anyone can fix plumbing repairs.

Fact: Plumbing isn’t for everyone. It takes more than a plunger and a bottle of drain clog remover to be a plumber. If anything major happens to the plumbing in your home, it is always best to hire a licensed professional to do the work. To learn more or get help with your plumbing issues, contact Woodbridge Plumbing today.